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Lynette Glendinning

Business Manager

Lynette Glendinning

Areas of Expertise
• Setting corporate direction
• Executive leadership development
• Board development and review
• Facilitated workshop conference and consultation processes

Lynette is committed to supporting leaders who play critical roles in leading enterprises in the context of Australia’s imperatives. Her astute grasp of the issues, challenges and dilemmas for their enterprises combined with her skill in dealing with personal dynamics and political pressures, allows Lynette to deliver high impact outcomes, even in challenging and complex assignments.

Enabling groups to achieve results with coherent, shared outcomes, has been the major focus of her consulting work for over twenty years. Whether leading the strategic planning for a small, not-for-profit Board, delivering a leadership program for a large corporate entity or facilitating a shared outcome at a major national summit, Lynette delivers with skill and flair.

BA, DipEd, MIPAA, MAHRI, MAIM, FAICD, Executive Coaching Level 3